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An Argument from Queerness Against Theism?

You can probably tell from my last two posts that moral error theory has been on my mind a lot lately. Another thing that has been on my mind is theism. In this post, I want to look at one … Continue reading

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The Error Theorist’s Dilemma

I mentioned in my previous post that I was once a full-blown error theorist. I remember going through JL Mackie’s arguments in his book Ethics: Inventing Right And Wrong and thinking “Yes… Yes, that’s exactly right!” I’ve moved on from there, … Continue reading

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A Moral Skeptic of Sorts

Metaethics is the branch of moral philosophy that analyzes the nature of our moral language. Metaethicists are interested in finding out what exactly we mean when we say things like “Torturing innocent people is wrong” or “Giving to charity is … Continue reading

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